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Q1. What did Patrick think his cat was playing with? What was it really?

A1. Patrick Thought His cat was playing with the doll. But it was a man of the tiniest size.

Q2. Why did the little man grant Patrick a wish?

A2. The little man grants a wish to Patrick because he wanted to escape the cat and did not want Patrick to give him back to the cat.

Q3. What was Patrick’s wish?

A3. Patrick’s wished the tiniest man to finish off homework by the end of the semester which was for 35 days.

Q4. In what subjects did the little man need help, to do Patrick’s homework?

A4. the little man needed help in English, Maths and Human History.

Q5. How did Patrick help him?

A5. Patrick read all the books elf asked for. He worked harder than ever. To finish his homework on time, we even didn’t take proper sleep.

Q6. Who do you think did Patrick’s homework — the little man, or Patrick himself? Give reasons for your answer.

A6. Patrick did his homework himself. As elf had no idea about words that humans read, he doesn’t know the tables, addition, and subtraction and was also clueless about human history. To help the elf, Patrick looked for the meaning in the dictionary, guided him with maths and read him the books too. He didn’t sleep properly and worked harder than ever.


A.  Fill in the blanks in the sentences below with the words or phrases from the box. (You may not know the meaning of all the words. Look such words up in a dictionary, or ask your teacher.) out of luck mystery true to his word chores semester between you and me look up

1. Some people find household ———Chores——— a bore, but I like to help at home.

2. Who stole the diamond is still a ————Mystery————.

3. This ————Semester————— we are going to have a class exhibition.

4. —————True to his word————, the elf began to help Patrick.

5. Can you ————Look Up——— this word in the dictionary?

6. I started early to be on time, but I was ——Out of Luck——. There was a traffic jam!

7. She says she’s got a lot of books, but ———Between you and me———— I think most of them are borrowed.

B. Use the clues given below to complete this crossword puzzle.


1. very tired- Weary

2. had an angry look on the face- Scowled

3. short trousers- Breeches

4. a fault in a machine that prevents it from working properly- Glitch

5. a small and naughty boy-fairy- Elf


6. work that must be done everyday, often boring- Cowled

7. a basket with a lid- Hamper

8. gave a short, high-pitched cry- Shrieked

  1. This is the story of a lazy boy named Patrick.
  2. He doesn’t like doing his homework. He himself felt ignoramus.
  3. Once he found his cat playing with a doll which he takes away.
  4. He realizes that it is not a doll but a tiny man.
  5. This tiny man requests Patrick not to give him back to the cat.
  6. In return ignoramus, Patrick asks this tiny man to do his homework.
  7. To save his life, the tiny man agreed.
  8. Patrick didn’t turn out to be lucky as the elf was not knowing and word, tables, addition, subtraction, etc.
  9. Elf asked Patrick to help him understand everything.
  10. This way Patrick studied the way he never did before.
  11. He finished his work by the end of the semester and scored good marks.
  12. End of the semester was the day of the tiny man’s freedom. He ran away from the back door.
  13. Patrick thought that he made elf complete all his homework.
  14. The secret here is elf did nothing, all the work was done by Patrick.