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Scholastic Assessment Test is for the students seeking admission undergraduate schools. The exam evaluates a student’s written, verbal, and mathematical skills. This exam is also a gateway to many universities abroad (United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and so on). SAT exam is conducted and governed by the College Board.

SAT also have a subject wise test. Students can apply for them if they want to pursue higher education in the same. SAT subject wise test includes literature, history, mathematics, science, and foreign language. The Exam is conducted 7 times in a year in most of the countries and in some countries it is conducted 5 times a year.

SAT Exam Pattern

Subject Duration No. of Questions Topics NScore Range


80 Minutes

37 Questions (can use the calculator)

20 Questions (Solve without a calculator)

Problem-solving and data analysis

‘The Heart of Algebra’

‘Passport to Advanced Math’



65 Minutes

52 Questions

No Sentence Completion

Tests understanding of passages from the US and world Literature, History/Social Studies, and Sciences (500-750 words)

200-800 (Combined with the writing section)

Writing and Language

35 Minutes

44 Questions

Expression of Ideas Standard English Conventions through passages related to Careers, History/Social Studies, Humanities, and Science

200-800 (Combined with the writing section)

Essay (Optional)

50 Minutes

1 optional essay

This section requires students to evaluate an argument through an analysis of evidence



3 Hours (50 minutes to do optional paper, if opted)

153 Questions (Plus 1 Question of essay paper, if opted)



SAT Subject Test






Math Level 1

Math Level 2


United States History

World History



Spanish with Listening


French with Listening

Chinese with Listening



German with Listening

Modern Hebrew


Japanese with listening

Korean with Listening

SAT Eligibility Criteria

  1. There is no age bar for giving the SAT Exam.
  2. Students of age 12 years or below can only register via email.
  3. Students in 8th standard or below need to submit their photograph as well.

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