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The PSAT (Preliminary Scholarship Aptitude Test) is a practice version of the SAT Exam. This paper is also called NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test). The PSAT exam can be given once every year. In case you qualify the exam in your early years (10th standard or 11th standard) then you could qualify to receive a National Merit scholarship.

Time Duration Of PSAT Exam

The paper goes for 3 hours including the break time. The exam is often conducted on any of the weekdays.

Syllabus To Be Prepared To Clear PSAT Exam

The paper comprises of four sections:

  1. Evidence-Based Reading

For the evidence part, the paper will test your ability to read the passage, critically think over it, the ability to find the core ideas and details, and answer the related questions. The reading section includes passage related to literature, history, social studies, and science. From this passage, the student needs to answer the asked questions.

No. of Question Time Duration Passage Genres


60 Minutes

Social Science,  history, etc.

  1. Writing and Language

The paper is to test the grammatical skills of the students. The student can be asked to do grammar correction (tense, punctuation, etc.), create sentences, words or phrase improvement test.

No. of Question Time Duration Topics


35 Minutes

Standard English, Expression of Ideas, etc.

  1. Math (Without Calculator)

This paper has to be given without the use of a calculator. Multiple choice questions are asked in the paper.

No. of Question Time Duration Topics


25 Minutes

Algebra, Data Analysis, etc.

  1. Math (With Calculator)

The student is allowed to use the calculator for this part.

No. of Question Time Duration Topics


45 Minutes

Algebra, Data Analysis, etc.

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