NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths

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Chapter-wise NCERT Solution for Class 8 is given in detail.

Chapter: 1 Rational Number

The chapter helps you to learn the properties of real numbers, rational numbers, representation of a rational number on number line, additive and multiplicative identity.

Chapter 2: Linear Equations in One Variable

The solution includes step-by-step explanations of all the concepts related to linear equations. For better understanding, experts break down the solution into various steps.

Chapter 3: Understanding Quadrilaterals

The chapter includes the basics of a quadrilateral, polygon, kinds of quadrilateral and polygon, the measure of external angle of polygons.

Chapter 4: Practical Geometry

Practical Geometry includes drawing 4 sides in a quadrilateral with 2 adjacent sides, 3 angles, and 1 diagonal area given.

Chapter 5: Data Handling

Students learn to organize the data in a systematic method, represent the data in a pictograph, a bar graph, a double bar graph, pie chart, and histogram with the help of NCERT Solution for Class 8 Maths.