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IOEL (International Olympiad of English Language) conducted by Silver Zone assess the competency and proficiency of the students in the field of English Language. This examination helps the student to the students to test their skills and sharpen them, and also makes the student know where they stand in international level.

The examination is held in three levels:-

  1. LEVEL I:- Every student registered are eligible for the examination at respective school premises.
  2. LEVEL II:-
  1. Top 1000 Olympiad rank holders of the 1st Level from each class
  2.  All Class 1st rank holders with minimum 60% of marks with minimum 100 students from a particular school.
  3. The examination will be held in respective school premises.
  1. LEVEL III:- Students holding the 1strank of classes 6th to 12th from 2nd level eligible for level III at New Delhi


All students of classes 1 to 12.


  1. The language medium is English only.
  2. The question paper consists of 40 question for classes 1 to 2 and 50 questions for classes 3 to 12.
  3. Question paper is divided into 8 sections:-