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International Assessment for Indian Schools (IAIS), started in 2004, is an unparalleled educational measurement and assessment services exam conducted for the schools in India. The exam is overseen by Macmillan Education in partnership with Educational Assessments Australia (EEA), a part of UNSW Global.

IAIS is an assessment test, a test to understand the concepts that help teachers and parents gauge the child’s learning outcomes.

IAIS provides teachers with an independent evaluation of students' knowledge and understanding in core learning areas with the help of diagnostic reports derived from their tests. Based on these diagnostic reports, IAIS develop remedial programs tailor-made for the student using analytics.

IAIS caters to pupils from classes II to XII for English, Science, and Mathematics and from classes III to X for Digital Technologies.

IAIS also provided certificates and awards ranging from high distinction certificates for the top one percent to participation certificate to all students.

IAIS Eligibility Criteria

IAIS eligibility criteria is any student from class II to XII can participate in the IAIS exam.

How to apply for IAIS?

  1. The registration process is done by the respective school
  1. Schools need to contact Macmillan for registration of the school as an exam center and for student registration
  1. The school must send the details of registration along with the fees to Macmillan before the due date