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It is a Samsung tablet provided by BasicFirst to the students at a fixed rent per month for learning and practice purpose. The students can use this Rent A Learning Tablet for surfing educational content online as well as practice online papers at the time of need. This Rent A Learning Tablet helps in making the content accessible to student even in the remotest corners of India and also help them study while they are at home.

No, BasicFirst materials are not readily available on these Rent A Learning Tablets for availing the BasicFirst study material an extra amount has to be paid to the BasicFirst company. There comes a flexibility with this Rent A Learning Tablet in the sense that it can be used for giving online tests of any institute or company which has it's papers made available.

There are 4 variants of Rent A Learning Tablets available which offer different benefits as follows.

  1. Samsung A 7@ INR 750/month (Minimum 3- month rental).
  2. Samsung A 7@ INR 850/month (Minimum 3- month rental).
  3. Samsung A 8 @ INR 1500/month (Minimum 3- month rental).
  4. Samsung A 10@ INR 2500/month (Minimum 3- month rental).

The cost of each tablet varies because of the facilities offered along. The facilities are as follows:

  1. Samsung A 7: No bundled offer.
  2. Samsung A 7: Free Unlimited Doubt Clearing E-mail and WhatsApp sessions
  3. Samsung A 8: Free Unlimited Doubt Clearing E-mail and WhatsApp sessions
  4. Samsung A 10: Bundled Free Online Live Tests for IITJEE, NEET, AIIMS. Along with Free Unlimited Doubt Clearing E-mail and WhatsApp sessions.

The cost of the Rent A Learning Tablet depends on the Rent A Learning Tablet chosen.

No, the Rent A Learning Tablet is available on rent for education purpose only. Even in the case of prolonged use of Rent A Learning Tablet it continues to be an asset of BasicFirst only.

There are BasicFirst resellers located in every city you can rent the tablets from resellers only or through Basicfirst Website.

An initial payment of 3 months rent is made at the time of renting the tablet thereafter, monthly rent is paid.

No, all the payments are GST included. The amount mentioned will be the final price and no extra rupee is needed to be paid.

The rent can be paid every month through a BasicFirst online portal or directly to the retailer in cash.

Yes, the documents needed for renting the tablet are as follows:

  1. PAN Card of either mother or father.
  2. Residential proof of permanent address.
  3. Passport size of the student as well as either of the parents.

The documents are required to be uploaded through the BasicFirst online portal.

After completing the online procedure and making the payment of the first three months there will be document verification process after the completion of which the Rent A Learning Tablet will be delivered by the BasicFirst resellers or Directly Company  within 7 to 14 working days depending upon the location.

Yes, through your BasicFirst account a student can track the Document Verification status and how long will it take to complete.

Yes, the rent is paid monthly by 5th of that month. If the students fail to make the payment by 5th of the month BasicFirst keeps full right to get the tablet blocked unless the due is cleared.

BasicFirst has insured all the leaning tablets and any damage caused must be taken care of by visiting the nearest service centre.

In that case, an F.I.R must be filed within 48 hours in the nearest police station and the information must be conveyed to the reseller immediately.

No, as soon as the course end you must return the tablet in it's the best condition to the reseller.

No, the Rent A Learning Tablet must be bought from the reseller only and no place else.

Yes, there will be push notifications from BasicFirst for the latest courses.

Yes, BasicFirst has full right to keep a track of the activities on the Rent A Learning Tablet. Visiting any illegal or pornography site is strictly prohibited. In case you violate this BasicFirst has full right to cancel your membership and block the tablet availed.