The product is launched by Basicfirst named “Rent A Learning Tablet” for students at a fixed rent per month for learning and practice purposes. It helps students access the relevant educational content available online, online practice papers and so on. Content is accessible to students even in remote areas so that they can get access to the skills they need and the quality education they deserve.

No, the Basicfirst material is not readily available on tablets. To avail of the service, there is some additional amount that needs to be paid. There comes flexibility with “Rent a Learning Tablet” as it can be used for giving online tests of any institute or organization.

There are 4 variants of “Rent A Learning Tablet”. Different benefits offered are given below:

  1. Samsung A 8 Classic @ INR 1,150/month (Minimum 3-month rental)
  2. Samsung A 8 Classic+ @ INR 1,450/month (Minimum 3-month rental)
  3. Samsung A 8 Prime @ INR 1,450/month (Minimum 3-month rental)
  4. Samsung A 8 Prime+ @ INR 1,450/month (Minimum 3-month rental)
  1. Samsung A 8 Classic: No bundled offer
  2. Samsung A 8 Classic+: Free Unlimited Doubt Clearing Email and WhatsApp sessions
  3. Samsung A 8 Prime: Free Unlimited Doubt Clearing Email and WhatsApp sessions
  4. Samsung A 8 Prime+: Bundled Free Online Live Tests for IITJEE, NEET, AIIMS with unlimited Doubt Clearing Email and WhatsApp sessions

There are 4 variants of “Rent a Learning Tablet” available at different prices. 3 months’ rental shall be paid in advance to avail of the service. Prices are as follows:

  1. Samsung A 8 Classic @ INR 750/month
  2. Samsung A 8 Classic+ @ INR 1,450/month
  3. Samsung A 8 Prime @ INR 6,000/month
  4. Samsung A 8 Prime+ @ INR 11,250/month

No, the “Rent a Learning Tablet” is only available on rent for education purposes. The company serves the right to retain its assets once the validity of the service is over.

For where can I rent this “Rent a Learning Tablet”?

The tablet can be rented either from resellers located in the city or through the Basicfirst website.


Pay an initial 3-month rental payment followed by fixed monthly payments for the duration of the lease term you have chosen.

No, all the payments are GST included. The amount mentioned is the final price and no additional charge is to be paid.

The payment can be made every month through the Basicfirst online portal or directly at the retail store.

Yes, the following documents are required:

  1. PAN Card of either of a parent
  2. Residential proof of permanent address
  3. Passport size photograph of the student and either of the parents

The documents need to be uploaded on the BasicFirst online portal.

A student needs to apply online and once the entire process of the online application, payment, documentation and physical verification of documents is completed, “Rent a Learning Tablet will be delivered within 7-14 working days either through the Basicfirst resellers or directly by the company.

Yes, you can track the processing of your documents online via your account.

Yes, you need to recharge every month before the due date to avoid service interruption. Failure to do so could result in your tablet being blocked until the payment is made.

All the learning tablets of the Basicfirst are insured. Damage to the insured device shall be settled by visiting the nearest service center.

In that case, FIR must be lodged within 48 hours in the nearest police station and the information must be conveyed to the reseller immediately.

No, the tablet needs to be returned undamaged and in good working condition to the reseller as soon as you complete the course

No, the product shall be bought from reseller only.

Yes, the Basicfirst has integrated push notifications for the latest courses that allow students to receive a notification as soon as new material is uploaded.

Yes, the BasicFirst monitors any illegal or inappropriate activity on “Rent A Learning Tablet”. Visiting any illegal or pornography site is strictly prohibited. In the event of a possible violation, the company reserves the right to block, cancel, suspend or withdraw membership.