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BasicFirst provides you with an option to cancel the subscription within 3 days for a monthly package and 14 days for a yearly package which means you can cancel subscription within 3 or 14 days depending upon the package you choose. After this duration, refund is not possible.

Presently, you can avail BasicFirst’s annual subscription.

BasicFirst offers 5 subscription packages :

  1. BASIC
  4. GOLD

The unlimited question and answer session is common in all the subscription packages. Additionally, you will avail the below-mentioned benefits in rest of packages except the BASIC subscription package.

  1. Bronze: 250 minutes Telephonic or 125 minutes Live Video interaction or combination of both within limit.
  2. Silver: 1250 minutes Telephonic or 625 minutes Live Video interaction or combination of both within limit.
  3. Gold: 2500 minutes Telephonic or 1250 minutes Live Video interaction or combination of both within limit.
  4. Gold Express: 3000 minutes Telephonic or 1500 minutes Live Video interaction or combination of both within limit.

BasicFirst houses educators having 3 to 35 years of experience. However, the experience of teachers depends on the package availed.

  1. Basic: 3 years to 35 years
  2. Bronze: 5 years to 15 years
  3. Silver: 8 years to 20 years
  4. Gold: 10 years to 35 Years
  5. Gold Express: 10 years to 35 years

The response time depends on the package availed.

  1. Basic: 4 Hours
  2. Bronze: 3 Hours
  3. Silver: 3 Hours
  4. Gold: 3 Hours
  5. Gold Express: 15 Minutes

BasicFirst offers Tablet for the ease and convenience of Students depending on the packages they avail.

  1. Basic: Not Included.
  2. Bronze: Not Included
  3. Silver: Tablet on Rent
  4. Gold: Tablet on Rent
  5. Gold Express: Free Tablet Samsung/Lenovo

For every subject, BasicFirst keeps a database of more than 50 Books. These also include books from institutes like FITJEE, AKASH, ALLEN etc.

All you have to do is to provide us below-mentioned details pertaining to the book and you are done. To much of your delight, we will add the book to our database if it is approved by our Senior faculties

  1. Book name
  2. Book edition
  3. ISBN number of the book

We encourage students to exhaust their plans by asking as many questions as possible. This is how their doubts will be elucidated and they will excel in their academics but it is possible to take the unused duration to the next session.

Students can communicate with our esteemed educators either through Email or WhatsApp. Either you can text your queries or send us a voice message.

No, sending a query on WhatsApp voice call number is not counted as a chat. It is free for the user. The user needs to make an only one-time payment every year to avail this service for the entire year.

The subscription charges for WhatsApp messages, Email conversations as well as video sessions are paid only once a year after which you will have complete access to all of them for the entire year. Please refer the rate of subscription in the subscription charts.

video call is one to one session, where an experienced faculty deals with the student’s doubt over a video call. However, in video sessions, you can listen to prerecorded videos of experts as well.

BasicFirst offers following courses

CBSE – 6 th , 7 th , 8 th , 9 th , 10 th , 11 th , 12 th

ICSE – 6 th , 7 th , 8 th , 9 th , 10 th

State Boards, IGCSE, IB (MYP & Diploma), IIT JEE (Mains and Advanced),

BITSAT, Medical Entrance Exams, KVPY, NTSE and many more exams.

However, BasicFirst also plans to grow in the field of Computer Science where all the queries related to computer languages like C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Ruby, H TML, PHP etc. will be answered. Also, we intend to provide doubt clearing sessions for all the subjects of computer science.

BasicFirst records all the video call sessions as well as voice call sessions. These recordings are further sent for quality check. However, we encourage students to rate our sessions. Students need to give a rating to the session attended immediately after the session ends. Ratings lower than 2.5 will be closely looked into.

Student’s satisfaction and improvement is our prime concern.

Students / Parents do have access to the videos however they don’t have rights over these videos. BasicFirst has complete right over these recorded videos and can use these videos as and when required for its own utility. Individuals can’t claim their right over these videos.

You will receive notifications from BasicFirst if we find your ward does not raise any query or doubt for 5 continuous days.

No, the video session comes along with the yearly subscription of doubt clearing sessions over WhatsApp text message and email conversation.

If you exceed the credit limit then the credit limit for the particular month can be renewed by buying doubt session addition packages.

In case of academics, your subscription plan will depend upon the BasicFirst’s academic year which is from 1st April of current year to 31st March of next year and your plan will stay active during this duration only.

In case you are a competitive exam aspirant, your subscription plan will end on the day of your final examination.

It depends on the competitive examination for which you are seeking our assistance and your subscription plan will expire as soon as your examination is over.

A student is provided with an option to rate the session soon after completion of the session and if a student gives rating below 2.5 after the session, his plea to ask the same questions again may be entertained but only after review of the session by our experts.

However, we can grant you access to the voice or video recordings anytime to understand the concepts better.

Yes, if

a. A student asks irrelevant questions during video or voice call session.

b. A student continually gives below 2.5 rating without any genuine reasons. On prorate basis, the subscription amount will be refunded if a student gets banned.

A text message and an email will be sent to parents before their ward gets banned from the BasicFirst website.

You can rate every session soon after completion of the session. Additionally, we welcome suggestions to better your learning experience. You can also bring to our notice about what you have liked or disliked about a particular faculty member. Grievance redressal is fast and immediately entertained by BasicFirst.

Every student is not same so according to our analysis of student requirement. If the students are of some higher

The duration of each video and voice call can be as long as you want within the time duration offered in the package availed by you.

Only the concerned faculty reserves the right to disconnect your call.

If in the yearly subscription you have applied for a drop year course then you will be given access to both 11th and 12th syllabus. Otherwise, the access depends on the course type you prefer i.e. if you avail preparing for JEE Advanced for the class 11th course then you will be given access to class 11th syllabus only.

In order to provide you with the best solution, we send your questions to the concerned faculty and revert only once we have the best possible solutions for your questions. However, we are sincerely trying to cut down the response time with the help of groundbreaking technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

Currently we provide answers from 12p.m. to 8p.m.

We answer the questions from the books recommended by us. However, you can recommend us the books which if found relevant by our faculty members will be uploaded to our website.

You need to ask questions from the subjects that are covered in your subscription plan.

Yes, we do assist you with your school projects as well as homework.

We have faculty members having not less than 6 to 8 years of experiences and have in-depth knowledge of the subject they are handling so in all probability all the sessions will be completed on time.