Class 9 Practice Tests

Class 9 might seem tough and that's because of a sudden increase in the syllabus. However, with the right preparation and practice, you can improve your performance and score well in the finals.

Practicing the important questions from the paper will prepare you for the upcoming annual school examination for Class 9. BasicFirst provides you the practice tests which you can easily download to know important questions for the exam and understand the criteria to write perfect answers.

Once you complete the Class 9 syllabus, you can now easily track your performance by solving various practice papers. These practice tests are designed completely as per the updated examination pattern and cover the complete Class 9 syllabus.

So, before the start of exams, every student must revise their course by solving various practice papers or sample papers. Working on different problems based on important conceptual topics of Class 9 will help to boost your confidence level for the annual exams and help you score great marks.

Frequent revision with practice papers, sample papers or previous years papers is extremely important for students to elevate their performance in the final exam. This way you can decrease your exhaustion by solving more and more questions based on conceptual topics. It is a comprehensive way to practice for an exam.

These practice papers are prepared by subject matter experts keeping in mind all the important topics and questions from previous years papers. Moreover, students can also opt for BasicFirst other courses such as Live Online Classes, Doubt Clearing that has been designed to cover all the important topics and syllabus of Class 9.

Students must practice solving these tests in a stipulated time and then match their answers with the solutions provided here. Solving the Class 9 practice papers continuously will surely progress your question-solving speed and accuracy.

Download the practice paper of each subject now to get acquainted with the important questions and make your preparations for the finals easy and effective.

  1. CBSE Practice Test for Class 9 Maths
  2. CBSE Practice Test for Class 9 Science
  3. CBSE Practice Test for Class 9 Social Science
  4. CBSE Practice Test for 9 English (Language & Literature)
  5. CBSE Practice Test for Class 9 Hindi
  6. CBSE Practice Test for Class 9 Others