Class 8 Practice Tests

For a middle school child, education is all about learning with enjoyment under the guidance of the right teaching faculty. To face the final examination of Class 8, students may require practice papers to self-evaluate their preparation and test their knowledge. This helps in identifying their strong and weak areas and accordingly they can study further on weak areas. There is an utmost advantage for students to prepare for the exam by doing sample exercise for Class 8 and perform well under the timed condition and review their test performance. Students get a unique opportunity to develop a competitive spirit through online sample papers for Class 8 and this helps them to prepare for school exams and other competitive examinations like Olympiad, NTSE, etc

BasicFirst provides multiple Sample Papers that help you to understand the paper pattern and important questions frequently asked in the final examination. By solving our Sample Papers, students of CBSE Class 8 can gain the confidence required to clear any tough paper with ease.

Students also get to know the time required to solve a question and this enhances their preparation. Our Practice Papers are designed by subject experts as per the latest pattern and syllabus of Class 8 and are available to download in PDF format. CBSE Class 8 students can get more marks on a subject if they practice with our Sample Papers. These practice papers have been proved to improve students results to a great extent and make them confident for the final examination.

BasicFirst test series consists of hundreds of questions covering all aspects of chapters in each subject. This gives a young child significant help in the revision of the entire chapter by attempting online test repeatedly for chapters, as every repeat test will have a new set of questions. These online practice tests for Class 8 offer students the opportunity to identify their performance and weakest areas. Solving practice papers will help Class 8 students to consolidate their learning with enjoyment, gain confidence and ready to face their school examinations. Download the PDFs now and start practicing them once you have finished the Class 8 syllabus.

  1. CBSE Practice Test for Class 8 English
  2. CBSE Practice Test for Class 8 Hindi
  3. CBSE Practice Test for Class 8 Mathematics
  4. CBSE Practice Test for Class 8 Social Science
  5. CBSE Practice Test for Class 8 Science
  6. CBSE Practice Test for Class 8 Sanskrit