Class 6 Practice Tests

Class 6 is the grade when young students experience significant transition as they enter the next stage of studies. Since most middle-schoolers are technology fans, encouraging them to use technology for learning will enhance their performance in exams.

Once they are through the Class 6 syllabus, they must start their practice using practice papers or sample papers. BasicFirst provides Practice Papers to Class 6 students for effective exam preparation. Our Sample Papers for CBSE Class 6 are prepared by subject experts as per CBSE’s latest syllabus and pattern.

By solving our Sample Papers, students can gain enormous confidence before solving the final examination. These tests empower students to get more marks in their examinations.

We offer Practice Tests for the subjects of Mathematics, Hindi, Science, and Social Science. Our Sample Papers focus on important questions considering the previous years’ question papers. Their solutions can further be used for self-evaluation to gauge exam preparedness. Moreover, if you still face any doubt, you can enroll in our Doubt Clearing Program where your doubts will be answered instantly.

All the Class 6 exam questions are asked from the NCERT textbook. To improve the score, it is very important for a student to first complete the syllabus and then practice sample papers to elevate their performance in the exam. By practicing these tests, students will learn how to determine the pattern of the question paper, important questions, answer requirements and so on. This increases your chance to score high in the final exam. Students can also register for Live Online Classes where they can complete the Class 6 course and clear their doubts related to any topic. Download PDF files for all Class 6 subjects and start practicing now.

  1. CBSE Practice Test for Class 6 English
  2. CBSE Practice Test for Class 6 Hindi
  3. CBSE Practice Test for Class 6 Mathematics
  4. CBSE Practice Test for Class 6 Social Science
  5. CBSE Practice Test for Class 6 Science