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Class 6 exam is an important milestone in your academic journey not only because it promotes you to the next grade but also as concepts learned in class 6 will help you understand the subjects in class 7 better. NCERT Maths Solutions for class 6 is beneficial for students who wish to understand all the exercise questions. Students can access the NCERT Maths solutions for class 6 CBSE on BasicFirst’s website. The solutions for all the questions are provided free of cost by our experienced mathematics teachers before being posted on the website. After referring to the detailed solutions for NCERT Maths class 6, students will be able to solve the question in Mathematics class 6 seamlessly. We do not charge anything for the solutions provided on our BasicFirst website. We encourage you to share the solutions with your friends as well so that they too could be benefited. We provide complete NCERT Solutions for class 6 maths.

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NCERT Class 6 Maths Chapter Wise Solutions – Free PDF Download

NCERT Class 6 Chapter Wise Solution

  1. Chapter 1 – Knowing Your Numbers
  2. Chapter 2 – whole Numbers
  3. Chapter 3 – Playing with Numbers
  4. Chapter 4 – Basic geometrical ideas
  5. Chapter 5 – Understanding Elementary Shapes
  6. Chapter 6 - Integers
  7. Chapter 7 - Fractions
  8. Chapter 8 - Decimals
  9. Chapter 9 – Data Handling
  10. Chapter 10 - Mensuration
  11. Chapter 11 - Algebra
  12. Chapter 12 – Ratio and Proportion
  13. Chapter 13 - Symmetry
  14. Chapter 14 – Practical Geometry

Maths NCERT Solutions for Class 6 – Free PDF Download (All Exercises are Covered with Answers)

It’s our earnest desire that students’ interest in Mathematics keep increasing and they could enjoy learning concepts of mathematics. Keeping that in mind, we provide NCERT solution for class 6 math absolutely free. We provide easily understandable solutions to even tough questions.

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