Class 11 NCERT Solution

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 

Class 11th is a very crucial point in the life of a student. It forms the basis for all you study and learn in class 12th and this is a big factor in determining how you perform in your board exams. This class can prove to be a bit confusing for a lot of students out there because it is accompanied by a massive expansion in the syllabus, change in exam patterns, as well as the introduction of some seemingly new topics in all the subjects. But there is no need to be confused or afraid when you have the right guidance and the right study material.

At BasicFirst, we provide you with the best possible answers to all the questions asked in NCERT books solutions for class 11th. NCERT books have been widely regarded as the best source for learning for school students, as they tend to provide all the complex information in a simple and understandable manner. This helps make these books the perfect learning material for learning all basic concepts and fundamentals. Along with this, they have all the types of questions that are generally asked in CBSE board exams. Thus, solving all the NCERT questions becomes crucial for scoring good marks in exams.

The NCERT solutions for various streams are available on the BasicFirst website. We cover subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Business Studies, and Economics. The Maths section provides solutions for problems from chapters like a binomial theorem, mathematical reasoning, sets, probability, etc. The Physics section explores topics like laws of motion, gravitation, oscillation and waves, thermodynamics, etc. The Chemistry section offers solutions to problems related to the chapters like the structure of an atom, classification of elements, chemical bonding, molecular structure, organic chemistry, etc. In the Biology section, you can go through problems related to the chapters such as biomolecules, mineral nutrition, as well as the animal and plant kingdoms. In English, you can find the solutions of all the chapters in both the books - Hornbill and Snapshots.  In Business Studies, we provide solutions to chapters like nature and purpose of business, forms of business organization, business services, sources of business finance, international trade, etc. The Economics section offers solutions to the chapters such as the Indian economy on the eve of independence, poverty, rural development, infrastructure, etc.

All NCERT solutions provided on the website or our app have been drafted and prepared based on the inputs of our expert faculty from all around the country. These solutions can also be used while preparing for various competitive exams. All of these answers are clear, concise, and in a stepwise form so that they are easy to understand and can be used as an example while you write your answers. If you still come across any issues or doubts while studying, you can just sign up at BasicFirst, and our experienced tutors will help clear all academic doubts in no time.

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