Class 11 Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology Classes with Syllabus, Test, Books, Preparation

Class 11 is the base for class 12. The course is designed to complete the entire syllabus for the Class 11 CBSE board designed by NCERT. The overall objective is to prepare students to score the highest possible marks.  

Class 11th & 12th are the most crucial classes that decide a student’s career and future. Most of the competitive exams like JEE, AFMC, AIIMS, BITSAT, and others do have a large proportion of the syllabus based on class 11. Several chapters of class 12 are also linked with chapters of class 11.  

To master core concepts, students need further clarification on some topics. By enrolling in various programs of BasicFirst, students can easily clarify their doubts, understand concepts in-depth and get assured results.  

The programs and courses offered are:

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Learn the concepts for a better understanding of each topic through video classes.

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Rent a tab at affordable rates monthly to explore learning in and outside of the classroom. ,h3>Counseling: Talk with our counselors for the best academic advice. Psychometric Tests: We offer various assessments, behavior intervention and modification plans to cater to behavioral issues seen in class 11 students. We aim is to create learning memorable and impactful. Students can also download accurate and detailed NCERT solutions to class 11 textbook questions for a better understanding of the topics. Prepare yourself today, for a better tomorrow!

Likewise, in the Physics section, chapters such as gravitation, the law of motion, waves and thermodynamics are well-covered. In the biology section, you can find answers to questions related to chapters such as mineral nutrition, biomolecules, the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom. In chemistry section, answers to questions related to below-mentioned chapters are given :

  1. Structure of atom
  2. Chemical bonding
  3. Classification of elements
  4. Organic chemistry
  5. Molecular structure