Class 10 Practice Tests

A good score in the Class 10 board exam is a crucial deed and can act as a career shaper in the life of a student. CBSE Class 10 practice tests help students to practice and review their performance before actual Board Exams. At the same time, these tests also help to find out weaker areas for improvement and build confidence to do well in the exam.

Once you complete the Class 10 syllabus, the best technique to test your knowledge while revising for the final exams is by solving several practice papers, sample papers. These practice papers are designed according to the CBSE latest exam pattern and include important questions.

NOTE: Get NCERT Solutions for Class 10

Students of Class 10 become more conscious about their exam preparations. Taking help from sample papers and question banks will help them test their knowledge and impart enough practice to prepare them for the Board Examination.

BasicFirst brings various practice papers and sample papers for the CBSE Class 10 students to assist them in the right preparations for the exams. The answer sheets are very user-friendly and give a clear view of your performance so that you can easily work on your weak areas.

We provide the CBSE Class 10 practice papers for each subject to enhance preparation. These tests are prepared according to the latest CBSE examination pattern and include questions picked from all the important topics and previously asked questions. 

Try attempting the sample papers of Class 10 as many times as possible to score well in the actual board exam. Download practice tests in PDF format for each subject.

  1. CBSE Practice Test for Class 10 English
  2. CBSE Practice Test for Class 10 Mathematics
  3. CBSE Practice Test for Class 10 Social Science
  4. CBSE Practice Test for Class 10 Science
  5. CBSE Practice Test for Class 10 Hindi