NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English

English is a subject that demands vocabulary and clarity of thought. The book consists of a variety of prose and poems which will entertain you and develop your intellect at the same time. The subject is very easy to master with continuous practice and assessment & NCERT Solutions will accelarate your learning. Students can easily score high in the subject in CBSE Class 10 board exam if they have a clear understanding of the language. BasicFirst NCERT Solution for Class 10 English will help students comprehend complex vocabulary and develop a thorough understanding of how to construct meaningful passages. We help students to understand and manipulate key features of a language which enables them to master the language, transforming them into the conceptual thinkers and speakers of the English Language.

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Chapter-wise details of NCERT Solutions Class 10 English is given below:

Chapter 1: A Letter to God

The story is written by G.L. Fuentes depicting the faith of a poor farmer in god. The farmer is an honest man named Lencho. He writes a letter to the god asking money as his crops were destroyed due to the hailstorm. The letter gets caught by the postman who decides to help him by collecting money. The story is about faith and the anonymous help given by postman to the farmer.

Chapter 2: Nelson Mandela-Long Walk to Freedom

The story is based on Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa. Excerpts from “Long Walk to Freedom” talks about the first decade of the twentieth century when the white supremacy introduced the system and made the life of the dark-skinned population hell. The chapter is an overview as to how Nelson Mandela along with others, fought for their rights and carved their way to a society with no discrimination based on their color, caste, race, age or gender.

Chapter 3: Two Stories About Flying

The chapter consists of two different stories related to flying and are entirely unique. The first is about a young seagull who is afraid of flying. The second story is about the pilot who gets stuck in the storm clouds. The first one is written by Liam O’Flaherty and the second by Fredrick Forsyth.