add more marks in your result

How to add more marks in your result?

Studying in school is not as easy as anyone thinks it is. The confusions, doubts with which all the kids are giving exams with, can’t be measured. As a result, many of these kids despite knowing the concept well fails or score fewer marks. Well, we may now be heading towards a world where kids are not being forced to score higher marks, but even after understanding the concept, failing or scoring less due to confusion leads to low self-esteem. It does increase the pressure in the head of your child.

Good technology for child

Expose your child to good technology

In today’s world keeping a child away from technology (gadgets) results in an increased gap between you and your child. The existence of technology today is so predominant that you can’t keep the child away from accessing it. Sometimes, the child ends up exploring the negativity of technology. We are witnessing these negative exposures daily. We at BasicFirst have realized that being a parent of a growing kid is turning into a much more difficult task because of this. So we came up with a solution and ask you (the parents) to introduce the good side of technology to your child

Doubt Clearing Sessions: Your Ticket to Success in Exams

Do you take your exams with full confidence? Do you know how to smarten up your studies to score high in the examination? Do you have all your doubts cleared related to the topics you have learned? If answers to all these questions are no then BasicFirst can give new dimension to your studies where you can interact freely with our experienced teachers and get your doubts cleared through various modes of communication viz. email, video chats and telephonic conversations.